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About me

I am a fresh graduate who recently completed the degree of Bachelor of Engineering (Computer Science) with an elective focus in data science and analytics in Nanyang Technological University (NTU). 

You must be wondering.. (or not haha) what does Sarah do in her free time?


Sarah with piano

I LOVE to play the piano! Have been learning it since 12 years old. Its what I do when I am free or just need a breather from studying. It truly is a hiding place for me.

Fun fact: I prefer more of freestyle playing with chords rather than the more structured grading system.

How did I come to know of UI/UX design?


 I first started being exposed to UI/UX after taking a module called "Human Computer Interaction". Throughout my 3 years in NTU, there wasn't much focus on teaching us how people interact with technology except this particular module. That was my very first time diving into the world of user experience and user interface. It intrigued me how the human mind can translate a visual and interpret it into a mental model.

Just like the picture on the right. On first glance, A seems to have a darker shade of grey than B. But actually they both have the same shade. The human mind tricks us to thinking that because B is under a shadow, they would be of different shades of grey. This got me really interested in user experience and user interface.

Lastly, What are your values?


Edward H Adelson
Edward H Adelson
Cape Shanck.jpg


Being honest and staying true to who you are is so important especially when creating something new.

Learn continuously

There are so many things i don't yet know. Being a better version of myself everyday, learning new things about myself everyday.


Spending quality time with family is a must. 


Sticking through with the responsibilities handed to me and making sure i give my very best.

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